Famous 50

This is a gallery of the Famous 50
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Famous 50

George Andrews

The Germans detonated a mine under his frontline trench(Number 50), which was perilously close to the infamous Hill 60.

Major Baker

Passed away in a Miliary hospital in Scotland in 1964

Walter Saddington Baker

Died 10th March 1947 Pneumonia. Coalville

William Baker

Died of wounds.

James Bancroft

It is not known what happened to James during the battle.

Frederick Bartlam

Cecil Thomas Beadman

Digging a trench at Zillebeke in the Ypres Salient, a burst of German bullets killed him instantly.

George Harry Bennett

Died 1945 Tuberculosis.Markfield Sanatorium, Leicestershire

John George Bennett

Trench 35 'Bomb Corner' near to Hill 60.

Harold Groves Blackham

Holding two horses outside a house a German shell exploded.

Egar Ewart Boot

Died March 1970.

Ernest Samuel Boot

German Sniper bullet.

Albert Cecil Bradshaw

German machine gunners

Fred Briers

Died 9th January 1986. Coalville, Leicestershire

Thomas Lord Catlow

Died 22nd January 1978. Tillson House, Greenhill, Coalville

Charles Cavendish

High explosive shell

Arthur Congrave

Died in 1970. Coalville

Joseph William Cowley

Bill's body was never found but was almost certainly a tunneller who died at Vimy Ridge, although his name on the Thiepval Memorial (Somme) which is 20 miles away to the south.

Henry Cramp

Died in June 1969

Charles Dedman

Bullet head wound.

Jabez Emmerson

Died 1st April 1980

William Henry Emmerson

Died 22nd March 1973

Francis Glynn

Died 1968. Sutton Colefield

Walter Gray

German mine under trench 50 close to Hill 60

Isaac Hall

German mine under trench 50 close to Hill 60

James Horace Hall

Walter Handford

Died 22nd November 1977. Markfield Sanatorium, Leicestershire

Isaac Harper

Died 1965. Coalville, Leicestershire

John W Harper

Shell burst at Company Headquarters - died from his wounds.

Fredrick Wilfred Hart

Bullet wound to the chest -Spanbroekmolen (Hill 76)

Charles Hatter

Died 24th January 1970. Tillson House, Greenhill, Coalville

Arthur William Hodgetts

Died 1938

Cecil Hurley

Battle of Pontruet

John Lowe

Severely affected by shell shock.

William Massey

Shot throught the head whilst on duty trench 50

William Newbold

Killed in fighting at Polygon Wood

Walter Pettitt

Enemy shell Mansion House Dump

Wilfred Robinson

Thomas Robson

Clifford Ernest Scott

Shell hit the roof of Clifford's dugout Trench 50

John Summers

Sidney Summers

Storming of the villiage of Pontruet

George William Underwood

Storming of the villiage of Pontruet

Lawrence Usherwood

Died 1958 Coalville

Thomas Handley Usherwood

Accidentally shot himself

Arthur Walker

Henry Walker

On guard duty and sniped Trench 50 near to Hill 60

Frederick Williamson

Died 1979. Nuneaton

John William Williamson

Killed by a 'sausage' shell sent over by a trench mortar

Everard Victor Woolley

Died 12th September 1954 - heart attack. Ibstock